Scatterbrook Dairy Shorthorns


Well-bred 100 per cent Dairy Shorthorns using the best genetics from Australia and the UK to ensure the dual purpose characteristics of the breed.

Specializing in well handled cattle whose temperament is ideal for both the small acreage farmer wanting to enter into cattle breeding to those with commercial herds,€“ milking or beef.

          Current AI sires include:

Turramurra Premier 5 (Australia)

Turramurra Viscount Wildeyes (Australia)

Willowpark High Society 13 (Australia)  

Twells Heather King 15 (UK)

Ransboro Barrington Dandy (Ireland)

 Arrangements can also be made to view cattle at our northern Victoria property.


Enquiries to :     Tristan Hornbuckle 1129 Three-Chain Road, Cobaw, Victoria 3444

Phone: (03) 5427 0 486        Mob: 0421 6190 387