Postal address: P.O. Box 1319, Huntly VIC 3551

Phone: 0448 588 417

Society Secretary: Jenny Tuohey


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Meat and Milk in one package! Use a Dual Purpose Dairy Shorthorn bull to add milk to your herd.

    • Producers of high quality protein milk
    • Able to produce a quality calf annually
    • Long living and of good temperament
    • Easy calvers
    • Dairy Shorthorn cows are still being milked commercially in many herds
    • Because of their blending ability with other red dairy breeds and the high protein quality of milk produced they could be a big plus in your herd.
    • With careful selection they will also add size and scale.
    • As one of the oldest British breeds Dairy Shorthorn bulls are ideal to cross with other British and Continental females.
    • By adding milk to the herd without losing size or scale this quality is still one of their greatest assets.
    • Many Dairy Shorthorn bulls weigh in excess of 1000kg
  • Crossing well with dairy breeds the females make excellent mothers, while the steers are more than comparable with other dairy crosses.


  • Producers of top quality calves, whether straight bred or in a cross breeding enterprise, Dairy Shorthorn cows will add quality milk and ease of calving to your herd.
  • Add this to their temperament and mothering ability and they are a natural choice.
  • If looking to enter the industry, make them your choice.